Pregnancy Birth Cohort

  • Study cohort: pre-pregnancy, perinatal (pregnancy/delivery) and neonatal patients from Alberta.
  • Data analyzed includes entries in the Discharge Abstract Database (DAD), the National Ambulatory Care Reporting System (NACRS), the Physician Claims Database, the Pharmaceutical Information Network (PIN), Alberta Vital Statistics Birth Database (ABVS-Births), and Statistics Canada.
  • These data have been used to examine the following:
    • Impact of Gestational Diabetes Mellitus (GDM) and pre-existing diabetes during pregnancy on maternal and child outcomes.
    • Trends in incidence of hypertension in pregnancy and associated outcomes.
    • Association between peri-partum cardiomyopathy and neonatal outcomes.
    • Health services utilization among low-birth weight babies in Alberta.
  • CVC faculty involvement: Padma Kaul