Dr. Padma Kaul Awarded A Spring 2023 CIHR Grant for the DISCOURSE Study

Congratulations to Dr. Padma Kaul and her team on being awarded a Spring 2023 CIHR Project Grant for the Diabetes and Cancer Outcomes in a Real-world Setting (DISCOURSE) Study.

Cancer is becoming the major cause of hospitalization and death among people with diabetes. Given that they may be at a higher risk of developing cancer, there are several unanswered questions related to the importance and frequency of cancer screening among people with diabetes. It is also unclear whether individuals with more poorly-controlled diabetes are at a higher risk of developing cancer and what are the best medications that should be used to manage diabetes in people with cancer. And finally, it is unclear whether mothers with diabetes during pregnancy are at a higher risk of developing cancer in the long-term. The DISCOURSE Study is designed to provide answers to these questions.

Learn more about the DISCOURSE study below: