Introducing the New Canadian VIGOUR Centre Logo & Website

The Canadian VIGOUR Centre (CVC) is excited to announce the launch of our new visual identity. This transformation of the visual expression of our CVC “brand” was inspired by the CVC’s 20th anniversary and reflects both our proud history and bold future vision.

To garner fresh ideas for a new logo, a University of Alberta visual design class was challenged to come forward with an original concept that would best represent the CVC. The students created an array of innovative logo proposals that captured the vision, mission, and core values of the CVC. The CVC leadership team unanimously selected the logo created by Trevor Lau.

Trevor’s logo evokes the shape of a heart, an image that is central to our organization’s objectives and identity. The heart is in turn formed by three distinct parts – the letters C, V and C. The modern aesthetic of this design is a powerful visual that strongly communicates the CVC name and our evolving organizational identity. Additionally, the bridging between the letters is well aligned with our mission of Bridging hearts and minds to enhance cardiovascular care.

In concert with our new logo, we have launched a new website to provide a more contemporary and comprehensive window into the CVC. This revitalized website is easily accessible, responsive, interactive, and informs users about who we are, our services, clinical research projects, and publications.

We look forward to any feedback you have on these changes as well as welcome any questions, comments, or feedback directed to