Little-understood heart attack more dangerous than formerly believed: University of Alberta study

Congratulations to Dr. Kevin Bainey, who was featured in the Edmonton Journal, speaking to his recently published article “Population-level incidence and outcomes of myocardial infarction with non-obstructive coronary arteries (MINOCA): Insights from the Alberta contemporary acute coronary syndrome patients invasive treatment strategies (COAPT) study”, which was also coauthored by several other members of the CVC faculty and biostatistics team.

“A little-studied type of heart attack that occurs in patients with no blocked arteries is more common, more dangerous and requires more caution from doctors than previously believed, new University of Alberta research has found.

The study, which followed more than 36,000 Alberta heart patients over a 12-year period, is considered the world’s first long-term effort to track the unheralded cardiac condition Minoca.

“It really confirmed to us that this is not a benign condition and we need to pay more attention to it,” said lead author Dr. Kevin Bainey, an interventional cardiologist at the Mazankowski Alberta Heart Institute.”

The full Edmonton Journal article can be found here. There is also an article featured on the University of Alberta’s Folio website here.