NACTRC Launches its Real World Evidence Unit

The Real Word Evidence unit designs and performs pragmatic trials and research projects that harness the power of real-world health data. It works with a vast network of experts that includes today’s brightest clinicians, methodologists, analysts, health economists, and policy makers in a wide range of disciplines.

According to CVC Co-Director Dr. Justin Ezekowitz, “Alberta has a unique opportunity…We have a very organized health care system that is first in class in many aspects of it. We have a large degree of cohesion in what we want to study and how we want to study it. We have large data sets or information we can collect on patients and across Alberta.”

Additional information about this unit can be found in the video below and on NACTRC’s website.

What is the NACTRC Real World Evidence Unit? from Be The Cure on Vimeo.