New Trends in Fibrinolysis Symposium at ESC Congress 2021

The New Trends in Fibrinolysis symposium, sponsored by Boehinger Ingelheim, took place virtually on August 28th as part of the 2021 ESC Congress. Chaired by CVC Founding Director Dr. Paul Armstrong, the session sought to:

  • Recognize the challenges in STEMI care, particularly in reducing ischaemic time and establishing STEMI networks.
  • Apply given strategies to overcome challenges in creating STEMI networks and reducing ischaemic time,
  • Demonstrate that STEMI is a global burden, and the solution needs to be adapted at the local/region level to address the different situations throughout the world.
  • Highlight investigational work in progress including the STREAM 2 study of half-dose TNK as part of a pharmaco-invasive strategy.

Speakers included CVC faculty member Dr. Kevin Bainey (University of Alberta – Edmonton, Canada), Dr. Nicolas Danchin (AP-HP – European Hospital Georges Pompidou – Paris, France), and Dr. Alexandra Arias-Mendoza (Instituto Nacional de Cardiologia Ignacio Chavez – Mexico City, Mexico).

View the full video and slides from the symposium here.