Canadian Cardiovascular Research Collaboratory (C3)

Who We Are:

The Canadian Cardiovascular Research Collaboratory (C3) is a virtual clinical research network aiming to blend two fundamental elements:

  • Collaboration
  • Clinical research laboratory

The C3 provides opportunities for collaborative individuals to identify and study important unanswered questions and address unmet cardiovascular (CV) health care needs that are challenging for a single centre to evaluate definitively. Further, an unmet need exists to strengthen synergies among Canadian researchers to expedite the discovery, evaluation, and application of emergent observational and clinical trial studies, and the application of emergent therapies and strategies for CV disease. The C3 has convened some of Canada’s leading CV disease researchers to develop a network of Canadian CV clinician scientists committed to sustained and meaningful collaboration to enhance the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of CV disease.

Key Aims of the C3 Network:

  • Develop a new framework for trans-Canada collaboration, which facilitates investigator- initiated clinical CV disease research.
  • Inspire, nurture, engage, connect, and mentor the next generation of CV disease researchers

C3 Working Groups:

C3 Member Network: