Publication Author: Sandhu RK

The stroke enigma: decoding the sex risk factor in atrial fibrillation.

2023/09/12 » Eur Heart J.

Middeldorp ME, Sandhu RK.

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Rationale and Design of the Randomized Bayesian Multicenter COME-TAVI Trial in Patients With a New Onset Left Bundle Branch Block.

2023/09/12 » CJC Open.

Rivard L, Nault I, Krahn AD, Daneault B, Roux JF, Natarajan M, Healey JS, Quadros K, Sandhu RK, Kouz R, Greiss I, Leong-Sit P, Gourraud JB, Ali WB, Asgar A, Aguilar M, Bonan R, Cadrin-Tourigny J, Cartier R, Dorval JF, Dürrleman N, Dyrda K, Guerra P, Ibrahim M, Ibrahim R, Macle L, Mondesert B, Moss E, Raymond-Paquin A, Denis Roy D, Tadros R, Thibault B, Talajic M, Nozza A, Guertin MC, Khairy P.

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Relationship Between Baseline Electrocardiographic Measurements and Outcomes in Patients with High-Risk Heart Failure: Insights from the VerICiguaT Global Study in Subjects With Heart Failure With Reduced Ejection Fraction (VICTORIA) Trial.

2023/09/07 » Eur J Heart Fail.

Yogasundaram H, Zheng Y, Ly E, Ezekowitz JA, Ponikowski P, Lam CSP, O'Connor C, Blaustein RO, Roessig L, Temple T, Westerhout CM, Armstrong PW, Sandhu RK, VICTORIA Study Group.

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Kidney function monitoring and trajectories in patients with atrial fibrillation.

2023/08/15 » Clin Exp Nephrol.

Hawkins NM, Wiebe N, Andrade JG, Sandhu RK, Ezekowitz JA, Kaul P, Tonelli M, McAlister FA.

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Quality improvement and the Rumsfeld Matrix.

2023/06/01 » Heart Rhythm.

Sandhu RK, Andrade JG.

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Deep learning-based electrocardiographic screening for chronic kidney disease.

2023/06/01 » Commun Med (Lond).

Holmstrom L, Christensen M, Yuan N, Weston Hughes J, Theurer J, Jujjavarapu M, Fatehi P, Kwan A, Sandhu RK, Ebinger J, Cheng S, Zou J, Chugh SS, Ouyang D.

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The Seventh Prevention of Syncope Trial (POST VII)-A randomized clinical trial of atomoxetine for the prevention of vasovagal syncope: Rationale and study design.

2023/06/01 » Am Heart J.

Sandhu RK, Raj SR, Hamzeh R, Sheldon RS; POST 7 Investigators.

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Towards artificial intelligence-based learning health system for population-level mortality prediction using electrocardiograms.

2023/04/01 » NPJ Digit Med.

Sun W, Kalmady SV, Sepehrvand N, Salimi A, Nademi Y, Bainey K, Ezekowitz JA, Greiner R, Hindle A, McAlister FA, Sandhu RK, Kaul P.

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First-Line Catheter Ablation for Paroxysmal Atrial Fibrillation – Have We Reached the Tipping Point?

2023/04/01 » N Engl J Med.

Sandhu RK, Albert CM.

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Atomoxetine for suppression of vasovagal syncope.

2022/12/02 » Clin Auton Res.

Sheldon RS, Seifer C, Parkash R, Sandhu RK, Hamzeh R, Raj SR.

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Opportunities and challenges in heart rhythm research: Rationale and development of an electrophysiology collaborator.

2022/12/01 » Heart Rhythm.

Nguyen DT, Bilchick KC, Narayan SM, Chung MK, Thomas KL, Laurita KR, Vaseghi M, Sandhu R, Chelu MG, Kannankeril PJ, Packer DL, McManus DD, Verma A, Singleton M, Tarakji K, Al-Khatib SM, Kaltman JR, Balijepalli RC, Van Hare GF, Hurwitz JL, Russo AM, Kusumoto FM, Albert CM.

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The State of Heart Failure Care in Canada: Minimal Improvement in Readmissions Over Time Despite an Increased Number of Evidence-Based Therapies.

2022/09/01 » CJC Open.

Poon S, Leis B, Lambert L, MacFarlane K, Anderson K, Blais C, Demers C, Ezekowitz JA, Hawkins NM, Lee DS, Moe G, Sandhu RK, Virani SA, Wilton S, Zieroth S, McKelvie R.

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Polygenic Risk Score Predicts Sudden Death in Patients With Coronary Disease and Preserved Systolic Function.

2022/09/01 » J Am Coll Cardiol.

Sandhu RK, Dron JS, Liu Y, Moorthy MV, Chatterjee NA, Ellinor PT, Chasman DI, Cook NR, Khera AV, Albert CM.

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Trends in Uptake and Adherence to Oral Anticoagulation for Patients With Incident Atrial Fibrillation at High Stroke Risk Across Health Care Settings.

2022/09/01 » J Am Heart Assoc.

Yogasundaram H, Dover DC, Hawkins NM, McAlister FA, Goodman SG, Ezekowitz J, Kaul P, Sandhu RK.

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Nationwide Study of Sex Differences in Incident Heart Failure in Newly Diagnosed Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation.

2022/08/17 » CJC Open.

Yogasundaram H, Islam S, Dover DC, Hawkins NM, Ezekowitz JA, Kaul P, Sandhu RK.

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Sex Differences in the Management of Oral Anticoagulation and Outcomes for Emergency Department Presentation of Incident Atrial Fibrillation.

2022/07/01 » Ann Emerg Med.

Islam S, Dover DC, Daniele P, Hawkins NM, Humphries KH, Kaul P, Sandhu RK.

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Heart Rhythm Society Atrial Fibrillation Centers of Excellence Study: A survey analysis of stakeholder practices, needs, and barriers.

2022/07/01 » Heart Rhythm.

Sandhu RK, Seiler A, Johnson CJ, Bunch TJ, Deering TF, Deneke T, Kirchhof P, Natale A, Piccini JP Sr, Russo AM, Hills MT, Varosy PD, Araia A, Smith AM, Freeman J.

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Arrhythmias in Female Patients: Incidence, Presentation and Management.

2022/03/01 » Circ Res.

Zeitler EP, Poole JE, Albert CM, Al-Khatib SM, Ali-Ahmed F, Birgersdotter-Green U, Cha YM, Chung MK, Curtis AB, Hurwitz JL, Lampert R, Sandhu RK, Shaik F, Sullivan E, Tamirisa KP, Santos Volgman A, Wright JM, Russo AM

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Atrial Fibrillation and Dementia: A Report From the AF-SCREEN International Collaboration.

2022/02/01 » Circulation.

Rivard L, Friberg L, Conen D, Healey JS, Berge T, Boriani G, Brandes A, Calkins H, Camm AJ, Yee Chen L, Lluis Clua Espuny J, Collins R, Connolly S, Dagres N, Elkind MSV, Engdahl J, Field TS, Gersh BJ, Glotzer TV, Hankey GJ, Harbison JA, Georg Haeusler K, Hills MT, Johnson LSB, Joung B, Khairy P, Kirchhof P, Krieger D, Lip GYH, Løchen ML, Madhavan M, Mairesse GH, Montaner J, Ntaios G, Quinn TJ, Rienstra M, Rosenqvist M, Sandhu RK, Smyth B, Schnabel RB, Stavrakis S, Themistoclakis S, Van Gelder IC, Wang JG, Freedman B.

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The Introduction of Direct Oral Anticoagulants Has Not Resolved Treatment Gaps for Frail Patients With Nonvalvular Atrial Fibrillation.

2022/02/01 » Can J Cardiol.

Orlandi M, Dover DC, Sandhu RK, Hawkins NM, Kaul P, McAlister FA.

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