Biostatistics at the CVC is a collective of applied biostatisticians with diverse training, experience, and expertise. We collaborate with local, national, and international investigative teams by advising and applying statistical reasoning and methods to the wide range of clinical research interests. Our team contributes to the quantitative aspects of research through study design, conduct, analysis, and interpretation of findings and studies. Our biostatisticians have extensive experience with a wide variety of data originating from primary collection or secondary use, spanning the spectrum of clinical trials to population-based outcomes research. They are closely involved in generating academic works, such as abstracts and presentations for scientific meetings, and manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals.

Our biostatisticians are contributing to the leading edge of methods research and providing guidance on evolving applications in health research. We collaborate and network with others in the field at the local level through the Biomedical AnaLytics Studio And Methods (BALSAM) Unit, Alberta SPOR SUPPORT Unit (AbSPORU), and Women’s and Children Health Research Institute (WCHRI), and at national/international levels through multiple statistical working groups in national grant teams and multi-centre clinical trials. Our biostatisticians also provide guidance and mentorship to students, residents, and junior clinical researchers.

Services provided:

  • Design of primary and secondary studies
  • Development of research protocols and statistical analysis plans
  • Consultation on case report forms and database specifications
  • Data management of large administrative health data and integration of primary and secondary data sources
  • Programming expertise in SAS and R
  • Generation of statistical analysis reports and data visualization
  • Integrated clinical-statistical interpretation of findings
  • Consultation and execution of advanced statistical methods
  • Development and application of novel statistical methods