Core Labs

ECG Core Lab

The ECG Core Laboratory specializes in the processing and analysis of electrocardiographic data from large-scale clinical trials and investigator-initiated research projects. This laboratory has had a major role as the primary coordinating laboratory in several international trials. The lab collaborates closely with expert cardiologists and support personnel at the Duke Clinical Research Institute and other international academic institutions. This collaboration has played a major role in enhancing mechanistic understanding of trial outcomes and the evolving natural history of acute coronary syndromes. In particular, it has permitted important insights into prognostic modeling and the evaluation of sample sizes and planning of future trials.

In addition, ECG databases at the CVC provide a rich resource to aid development of future clinical trials, as well as answer secondary clinical questions of interest to sponsors, physicians, trainees, and the larger medical community.

Activities performed by the ECG Core Lab:

  • Trial design facilitation
  • Monitoring of protocol adherence
  • ECG reading and analysis
  • Pathophysiologic evaluation
  • Prognosis and outcomes assessments
  • Data management (including data entry, and quality control)
  • Mechanistic studies to evaluate admissibility criteria, modeling of risk, evaluation of therapeutic interventions, and long term prognosis
  • Collection and tracking of ECG tracings
  • Analysis of ECG data and dissemination of results

Food Record Core Lab

The Food Record Core Lab is pivotal to the ongoing success of the SODIUM-HF trial. Working alongside the project lead for this study, the three employees working in the Food Record Core Lab carry out the following activities:

  • Receiving, tracking and analyzing Food Records in Food Processor, a powerful nutrition analysis software
  • Initiating and following up on Food Record queries
  • Entering Food Record data (from Food Processor) into REDCap for site access and use