Core Laboratories

ECG Core Laboratory

The CVC ECG Core Laboratory continues to evaluate patient data into clinically meaningful findings that have real world relevance. Using quantitative data, the electrocardiogram (ECG) – a venerable but powerful biomarker –  can improve understanding of the pathophysiologic processes involved in acute coronary syndromes, thereby enabling not only better prediction of outcomes, but also assessing treatment effectiveness. Using novel methods developed in the laboratory has informed further insights that in turn will impact future cardiovascular research. Over the past year, we have expanded the target populations of interest to evaluate the ECG characteristics of the VICTORIA trial heart failure population to enhance prognostic insights in this high-risk population, and test the efficacy of pharmaco-invasive therapy in the STREAM- 2 trial.    

Our team also has a mandate of conducting quality analyses using clinical research data. The Vital Heart Program, led by Dr. Robert Welsh in collaboration with Dr. Kevin Bainey, has used the Core Laboratory to illuminate the timeliness and efficacy of reperfusion therapy in the Edmonton region. Plans are now underway to evaluate the ECG signals from heart attack patients with suspected COVID-19 infection to better understand how this pervasive viral illness may affect these signals. To date, ECGs from over 100,000 patients enrolled in studies around the world have been analyzed. This provides an excellent database for planning the design of future clinical trial opportunities and exploring artificial intelligence/machine learning approaches to ‘big-ECG data’ in large populations.

Activities performed by the ECG Core Lab:

  • Trial design facilitation
  • Monitoring of protocol adherence
  • ECG reading and analysis
  • Pathophysiologic evaluation
  • Prognosis and outcomes assessments
  • Data management (including data entry, and quality control)
  • Mechanistic studies to evaluate admissibility criteria, modeling of risk, evaluation of therapeutic interventions, and long term prognosis
  • Collection and tracking of ECG tracings
  • Analysis of ECG data and dissemination of results

Food Record Core Laboratory

The Food Record Core Laboratory is pivotal to the ongoing success of the SODIUM-HF and FEAST-HF trials. Working alongside the project lead for these studies, our team carries out the following activities:

  • Receiving, tracking, and analyzing Food Records in Food Processor, a powerful nutrition analysis software.
  • Initiating and following up on Food Record queries direct to site.
  • Entering Food Record data (from Food Processor) into REDCap for site access and use.