Health Economics and Quality of Life

The CVC has a long history using natural “experiments” in the form of inter-country comparisons to draw inferences about the return on investment in medical care.  In the modern era of cost conscious medicine, clinical management decisions must account for risks and benefits of new therapies and consider them in the context of short and long-term resource consumption. The CVC therefore uses empirical data from the population-health data repository to develop prediction models to estimate the current and future economic burden of cardiovascular disease on the Alberta and Canadian health care systems.

In addition to the impact of interventions on mortality and morbidity, there is increasing interest in assessing their impact on patient reported outcomes such as health-related quality of life (HRQoL). The CVC has led the examination of HRQoL outcomes of some of the largest multinational randomize cardiovascular clinical trials.

The cost and HRQoL services that the CVC provides include the following:

  • Collection of resource use and cost data
  • Development of economic models
  • Conduct of cost-effectiveness analyses
  • Collection and analysis of HRQoL data