Thought Leadership

With their depth of knowledge and experience, CVC thought leaders are able to both understand and address the multiple challenges associated with the regulatory, financial and operational aspects of clinical research.

Some key elements of their research-related competencies include:

  • Providing expert advice and promotion of cardiovascular research embedded with quality, scholarship, and integrity
  • Defining unmet needs for patients with and those at risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Creating novel cardiovascular research solutions to align with these unmet needs
  • Seeking cost-effective solutions promoting cardiovascular health and enhancing return on investment in research
  • Participating in the architecture, development, data acquisition, integration, analysis, and presentation for a wide variety of research studies, including investigator-initiated trials, large-scale clinical trials, registries, and insights from population health data
  • Creating novel sub studies aimed at informing primary results and advancing knowledge
  • Inspiring, nurturing and mentoring junior faculty, medical trainees, students, and allied health professionals to embrace a research culture in their career development
  • Plan, develop, and complete peer reviewed presentations and publications in a timely fashion
  • Disseminate broadly the knowledge acquired from research for the public good