Secondary Analyses

Below is a summary of completed, in progress, and planned secondary analyses for the VICTORIA study.

(Completed, In Progress, Planned)
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Contextual with other trialsCompletedCirculation publication
Impact of natriuretic peptides on
result and their evolution
CompletedJACC FF publication
HFA 20 presentation
Index admission groupsCompletedJAMA Cardiol. publication
Prognostic modelIn ProgressHFA 21 Presentation
Standard of CareIn ProgressHFSA 2020 presentation
Anemia In Progress
Baseline changes in renal functionIn ProgressEur J Heart Fail. publication
Sequential natriuretic peptides
and outcomes
In ProgressHFA 21 Presentation
Atrial fibrillation In Progress HFA 21 Presentation
BP response
In ProgressHFA 21 Presentation
CAD/non CADIn ProgressACC 21 presentation
Sacubitril/valsartan baseline/
drop ins
In Progress
Recurrent eventsIn Progress
ECHO 1 paired data and Rx effectIn ProgressHFA 20 presentation
GenomicsIn Progress
BiomarkersIn ProgressACC 21 presentation
Health economicsIn Progress
NA registryIn ProgressHFSA 20 Presentation
NA Registry – GDMTIn ProgressHFSA 20 Presentation
PK/PD and PK adherenceIn Progress
QoL as an outcome/predictorIn Progress
LVEF stratificationIn Progress
Sex/AgeIn Progress
Geographic variationIn Progress
Expanded endpointsIn Progress
Risk Scores across spectrum
MAGGIC, SHFM, others
ECHO 2 remodellingPlanned